Throughout his time as both an undergraduate and postgraduate student, Michael has shown a keen interest in composing. Last year, he had the opportunity to work with Professor Adam Gorb, head of composition at the RNCM, through the composition elective. Over the year, Michael produced a song cycle based on a number of poems by the Scottish poet Walter Wingate called A Night's Rain.


Whilst each poem is not directly related, each of them talk of the power of nature and how it affects us all differently, from contrasting viewpoints. Below is a recording of the cycle from April 2017 with Michael Davies at the piano.

1. A Night's Rain - Michael Gibson
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2. Sunday by the Loch - Michael Gibson
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3. A Child Wish - Michael Gibson
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4. The Young Year - Michael Gibson
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5. Roses - Michael Gibson
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Michael also wrote 3 Robert Burns poems for 4 voices. The three songs all have a theme of losing or leaving something or someone behind, whether it be your country, your town or a loved one, whether you have left them for a new world, or they’ve departed to the next world. Below is a recording of the last of those three songs, My Heart's in the Highlands.

My Heart's in the Highlands - Michael Gibson
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